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Oklahoma 9-1-1 Management Authority Act

February 23, 2016 11:18 AM | Oklahoma Ambulance Association (Administrator)

OKAMA, was contacted last week and asked to support HB 3126 (Rep. Josh Cockroft and Sen. Jason Smalley) creating the Oklahoma 9-1-1 Management Authority Act. The Association worked quickly to study the proposed Act and to contact expertise on the subject matter. After study, careful consideration, and the valued opinion of 9-1-1 managers and directors, OKAMA has elected to Strongly Support the Act and to assist in any way possible with the passage of the legislation. OKAMA is dedicated to providing the best possible emergency services and the highest quality out-of-hospital healthcare and transportation to any citizen that might have an emergent illness or injury. A quality, highly functioning communications system that will help us respond to the location of the emergency is a vital element to our objective and strongly desired.

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