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  • May 23, 2018 12:15 PM | Vanessa Brewington (Administrator)

    Looking for the session presentations? Visit the Spring Conference page.

    Visit OKAMA Facebook for a few snapshots from today's Spring Conference!

  • May 23, 2018 10:40 AM | Vanessa Brewington (Administrator)
    It was a pleasure to honor fifteen talented, dedicated EMS professionals at yesterday's 2018 Stars of Life. The following individuals were recognized:

    • Kristen Bias, Muskogee County EMS
    • Casey Dodson, LifeNet EMS
    • Nick Goff, Pafford Medical Services
    • Jayeah Haske (JAY-uh Hasky), Life EMS
    • Brandt Hiler, Muskogee County EMS
    • Brandon Levi Holsapple, Creek County Emergency Ambulance Service
    • John Johnston, EMSStat EMS
    • Brandon Jones, EMSA
    • Megan Jones, EMSStat EMS
    • Kristy A. Lashbrook, Hughes County EMS
    • Jozcelynne Luellen, Bryan County EMS
    • Christopher Cates Miller, Hughes County EMS
    • Erin O’Grady, REACT EMS
    • Tawny Province-Ward, Life EMS
    • Jason Roe, Southern Oklahoma Ambulance Service
    Congratulations to the 2018 Oklahoma Stars!

    • April 26, 2018 11:02 AM | Vanessa Brewington (Administrator)

      Erin O’Grady
      Shawnee, Oklahoma

      Erin O’Grady has proudly served as a Paramedic at REACT EMS since April 2012. A Westminster, Colorado native, he competed his EMT-Basic and Paramedic training at Gordon Cooper Technology Center after moving to Shawnee.  REACT has implemented a sole-Paramedic Response unit in a large, remote portion of their response area.  Erin expressed interest and was selected as his primary assignment. 

      Erin is deeply committed to his patients. He finds the most rewarding part of his job to be the opportunity he has, “to care for patients when they are having what may be the worst day they have ever experienced.” This is especially important to Erin as he has elected to work in REACT’s South County unit, which encompasses his own neighborhood. He notes that while it is harder than he imagined to respond to calls for people he personally knows, he values deeply the trust they place in his skills.

      One of Erin’s most memorable moments at REACT took place when he was called to care for an eight-year-old girl who had been stung repeatedly by wasps. The young patient was in full anaphylaxis, with hives and respiratory distress. Erin worked quickly and very effectively to stabilize her breathing and reaction while the transport unit responded from so far away. The young patient was fortunate that Erin was close, knowledgeable and skillful.

      In addition to serving patients with dedication, Erin works to build strong relationships with our partners in the remote area we serve. He has worked to meet with our volunteer fire fighters and others to improve their knowledge and responses to medical emergencies.

      As he looks to the future, Erin plans to continue to build upon REACT’s already-stellar relationship with the public. He will do so through the continuation of our program offering routine health checks for senior citizens, in addition to new and ongoing initiatives to educate citizens about the importance of  CPR and the Stop the Bleed program.

      When not at work, Erin enjoys spending time with his wife, Shantel, a schoolteacher, as well and his children Ewan, Brennen, and Keira.

      With his thoughtful and compassionate dedication, Erin is a leader and role model for his peers and his community. REACT is proud to recognize Erin O’Grady as a 2018 Star of Life.

    • April 23, 2018 4:32 PM | Vanessa Brewington (Administrator)

      Jayeah Haske
      Emergency Medical Dispatcher
      Life EMS
      Enid, OK

      LIFE EMS congratulates Jayeah Haske on her selection as a 2018 Star of Life recipient.

      Jayeah joined the Life EMS Emergency Dispatch Center in 2016, and has since become a vital and integral part of the Life EMS Team. During her last two years at Life EMS, Jayeah has grown into a leadership role in the communications center. She is a Nationally Certified Emergency Medical Dispatcher from the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch with the use of ProQA Emergency Medical Dispatch criteria. Jayeah takes her job as an EMD seriously and states that her goal is to return the crews that she dispatches safely to their families after their shift is complete.

      Jayeah comes as a transplant to Oklahoma from her home state of Florida. She says that she "has come enjoy living in Oklahoma and the joy of two different weather seasons in one day, along with a dose of earthquakes.” She and her husband, Michael, manage to balance the demands of her night shifts at Life EMS with their three amazing children ages four, ten, and thirteen.

      Congratulations, Jayeah, on being chosen by your fellow employees to represent Life EMS as a 2018 Star of Life.

    • April 23, 2018 4:21 PM | Vanessa Brewington (Administrator)

      Tawny Province-Ward
      Life EMS
      Enid, OK

      Life EMS congratulates “Star of Life 2018” recipient Tawny Province-Ward.

      Tawny joined the Life EMS team in 2017 as an EMT/EVO, and has been an integral part of the team since. She generously gives of her time and does whatever is asked of her unselfishly.

      Tawny attended EMT-Basic training after which she attained a National Registry Certification and State of Oklahoma EMT License. Tawny had long been in the public safety field prior to becoming an EMT. Previously, she served as a reserve patrol and juvenile detention officer.

      Tawny is married to her husband, Michael Ward, and they have a two year old daughter, Juliana.

      Congratulations, Tawny, on being chosen by your fellow employees to represent Life EMS as a 2018 Star of Life.

    • April 19, 2018 12:29 PM | Vanessa Brewington (Administrator)

      Jozcelynne Luellen
      Bryan County EMS
      Durant, Oklahoma

      Jozcelynne "JB" Luellen has served Bryan County EMS for the past six years.

      JB has a personal passion for ensuring the safety of the children in our community. For the last three years, she has led Bryan County EMS's car seat program. JB also assists with the annual Bryan County car seat inspection weekend. Throughout the year, she completes inspections at the Bryan County EMS Station in Durant.

      JB is happily married to Jacob and a proud aunt. In her free time, she enjoys crossfit.

    • April 13, 2018 8:39 AM | Vanessa Brewington (Administrator)

      Casey Dodson
      Emergency Medical Technician
      LifeNet EMS
      Stillwater, OK

      Casey Dodson joined LifeNet in April 2011 among a group of new employees who helped create an entirely new EMS delivery model for the Stillwater, Oklahoma area and surrounding communities. This new venture was challenging for all involved, and Casey contributed his years of EMS experience and knowledge to our success. He now has served in EMS for seventeen years.

      His coworkers know Casey as a senior partner who can handle any scenario or difficult scene. He is frequently paired with new employees during Field Training and employee development processes. A new medic can be comforted knowing that if Casey is his partner the shift will go well.

      Casey also likes to have fun at work. He revels in ‘poking the bear’ whenever a manager is around, usually to get a reaction, but often to bring attention to an issue with possible solutions. When he is away from work, Casey enjoys spending time with family and friends. He helps with charitable functions in the community as a member and an officer of the Stillwater Elks’ Lodge.

    • April 03, 2018 1:00 PM | Vanessa Brewington (Administrator)

      Nicholas Goff
      Paramedic/FTO Team Leader
      Pafford Medical Services
      Sequoyah County, OK

      Since 2015, Nicholas Goff has impressed his colleagues by serving as a leader, staying motivated, and being positive. He began his EMS career in 2013—earning Employee of the Year for Westville EMS—before joining Pafford as a PRN NREMT. Nicholas quickly obtained his NREMT-Advanced certification; today he is an Nationally Registered Paramedic as well as a Field Training Officer.
      Nicholas earned his EMR certification from Kiamichi Technology of Poteau, Oklahoma; his EMT and EMT Advance certification from Indian Capital Technology of Stillwell, Oklahoma; and his paramedic certification from South Ark Community College. He is a big believer in continuing education.

      In addition to delivering critical medical attention and advanced life support to injured/ill individuals at emergency scenes, while onsite and in transit, Nicholas assists with daily truck and equipment checks, ordering supplies, and scheduling. He is motivated to attain both personal and organizational objectives including helping Pafford achieve CAAS accreditation.

      Nicholas is also thrilled to be able to make a difference in the lives of the patients he treats. Understanding how important community service is, Nicholas participated on a volunteer fire department after obtaining his EMR license, responding to fire and first responder calls. He and his dog, a Dalmatian, also visited local schools to teach children about fire safety. Today, he volunteers in the areas of education and skills check-off.

      Nick’s has a work ethic is second-to-none, which shows in his job performance and in his overall demeanor and attitude towards making his workplace comfortable for others. Nick is “that guy” that inspires people around him to take a little extra initiative at the station and to exceed expectations. Nick is also very dependable. While he can be counted upon to assist in covering many open shifts here in Sequoyah County, over and over again he has also shown himself to be the go-to guy in helping to cover deployments. He has significantly participated in all four Pafford EMS deployments this past year.

      Lastly, Nick is very goal-oriented. Anytime Nick sets out to do anything to better himself or our service, rest assured it will be done. Nick doesn’t just complete things: he excels at everything he does. You can see this in his dedication toward his continued education, and simply observing the way he completes delegated tasks. Nicks takes pride in his work, and he sets the bar for his fellow employees.

    • March 29, 2018 4:01 PM | Vanessa Brewington (Administrator)

      Chris Cates Miller
      Clinical Operations Supervisor
      Hughes County EMS
      Holdenville, OK

      Hughes County EMS is proud to nominate Christopher Miller, NRP as a 2018 Star Of Life. Since 2015, Chris has been instrumental in the growth and advancement of Hughes County EMS.

      Chris began his career at HCEMS as a field paramedic. He then rose in rapid succession to Field Training Officer and Clinical Operations Supervisor.

      In his position as Clinical Operations Supervisor and Lead Instructor, Chris has implemented training programs to help HCEMS provide the most advanced levels of care possible. He was also instrumental in the campaign for the 2016 HCEMS Bond and Capital Improvement Project.

      Chris strives for excellence in all he does, and he is always available to help medics advance their skills or learn new procedures as they are developed.

      Chris has become one of the public faces of HCEMS. He is always the first person to volunteer to represent us at community meetings, education festivals, and health fairs across the county. Our community knows that if they have a concern, Chris will do his best to find a solution.

      It is for these attributes that HCEMS is proud to nominate Chris Miller as our 2018 Star of Life recipient.

    • March 29, 2018 12:50 PM | Vanessa Brewington (Administrator)

      Kristy A. Lashbrook
      Hughes County EMS
      Holdenville, OK

      Hughes County EMS is proud to submit Kristy Lashbrook as an OKAMA Star of Life. Kristy, a Holdenville native, is very passionate and driven in her role as Director of EMS, where she has served since 2010. Prior to that time, she served first as an EMT and then a Paramedic, starting her career at HCEMS in 2006.

      When Hughes County EMS was on the verge of financial ruin in 2010, Kristy was tapped by the EMS Board to serve as director, where she played a significant role in reorganizing the service and mapping out a sustainable plan for its future. She implemented the use of a new billing company and a new electronic patient care reports vendor, as well as hired of grant writers. She worked diligently to help the service become a bigger partner in the community, helping to pass a $1 million EMS bond as well and the largest capital improvement plan in HCEMS History.

      Kristy led Hughes to become an affiliate campus for our Voc-Tech, providing free EMR classes to area fire departments, stocking the medical supplies for all fire department and law enforcement vehicles, attending countless community meetings, tireless outreach support, and so much more. Kristy ensures that even though we are a county service that the county citizens know we are there for them in every way.

      As a paramedic, Kristy is best exemplified by the following words: professional, reliable, passionate, caring and community-focused. As director, Kristy never fails to lift the spirits of a coworker with a kind word or to take extra time to ensure staff really understands Hughes County EMS’ goals and their role in helping attain them. For these reasons and more, Hughes County EMS and our Board of Trustees nominate Kristy Lashbrook as a 2018 Star of Life.

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